neoONE S

A unibody bamboo deck like no other.

Using CNC technology and aerospace tolerances, we have produced a unibody deck out of sustainable bamboo that offers stable riding, confident turning, and a unique and attractive look. It measures 876mm in length, 243mm in width and weighs just 2 kg.

neoONE Hub Motor

Powerful meets quiet.

Esk8 riders all have a favourite brand of truck, so our neoONE HUB motor has been designed to work with any truck smaller than 24mm thick. To provide the most power possible at this size, we sourced quality magnets from Japan, and the neoONE hub motor also comes with a choice of real urethane 85mm and 90mm PU sleeves to customise your ride.


Smooth and responsive control courtesy of neoBOX.

While ESCs have come a long way, nothing beats the confident control and performance of a properly-tuned vesc-compatible controller. Our new neoBOX singles are based on industry-standard specs, but with a number of rideNEO-only improvements designed into each one. 

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